The amazing source of UFO propulsion is found right here on Earth …..

That's the astounding bombshell revelation of Ken Behrendt in his book, The Physics of the Paranormal.

Ghosts, alien starcraft, and all  manner of paranormal phenomena draw energy from the "anti-mass field" -- a bizarre transdimensional source of clean, cheap, renewable energy -- discovered by Behrendt.

I developed the 'anti-mass field theory' to account for UFO propulsion and secondary effects over the course of a 20-year study involving thousands of cases in detail, and tens of thousands of cases in summary.

I discovered that a UFO, when airborne, is able to negate its normal gravitational and inertial mass because it contains a device I call an 'anti-mass field generator.'  Its purpose is to emit a form of NON-electromagnetic radiation which I call 'anti-mass field radiation.'  This new form of radiation has a 'polarity' opposite to that of normal 'mass field radiation' emitted by the subatomic particles that compose the atoms of ordinary matter.

 When these two forms of non electromagnetic radiation -- one from the UFO's propulsion equipment, the other from the subatomic particles that compose the craft and its crew -- are superimposed as they radiate away from their sources, they neutralize each other.  The result is that the UFO and its crew become massless and, thus, have no weight or inertia!

They will float due to buoyancy in a planet's atmosphere, and can violently accelerate and maneuver without damage to the craft and its crew if propulsive forces are applied to the craft's hull.

Paranormal Levitation

Behrendt believes his "anti-mass field theory" explains a variety of paranormal phenomena, such as levitation.

In studying levitation, it became apparent to me that, under certain circumstances, the human body could act as a sort of 'biological anti-mass field generator.'  In this state, certain religious people have, over millennia, been witnessed to float without visible means of support.  I believe that in these cases, the necessary anti-mass field radiation is emitted from the person's circulatory system when certain biophysical conditions are achieved.

Behrendt describes levitation as among the oldest of documented paranormal phenomena, citing a case in the 13th or 14th century A.D. when someone levitated for the Spanish king and his court.

Those who witnessed it stated that the person who levitated was as light as a soap bubble, and could be blown about by witnesses, This implies not only buoyancy, but an extreme reduction in bodily mass.  This is similar to what UFOs do.  Some craft engage in the so-called 'falling leaf' motion, wherein the craft sinks slowly in the atmosphere, and rocks to and fro like a plate sinking in water.  This is only possible with an extreme reduction in the mass of the craft.  (I think in these cases, the craft's crew do this manoeuvre on purpose, to give earthly witnesses a hint as to how the craft functions!)

Behrendt is more confident that his anti-mass field theory explains UFOs than levitation. 

While I am sure about the reality of UFOs and anti-mass field generators, I must hypothesize that a human undergoing auto levitation emits anti-mass field radiation (through some natural biological process, since we don't have mechanical anti-mass field generators built into our bodies).

Kenneth Behrendt says of himself: I was born in 1951 in Elizabeth, NJ.  I have a BA and MS from Rutgers University, and have held positions in the electronics, chemical, and manufacturing industries.  I am now retired and seeking to publish my discoveries in the areas of the paranormal and Ufology.  I believe these areas will provide much new science in the centuries to come that will greatly enrich human life on our planet.

the New Nazi-Bell

Tim Ventura
November 14, 2005

In January 2005, I published “Einstein’s Anti-Gravity” as an in-depth overview of the Nazi-Bell device. It was simultaneously one of the best stories that I’ve ever written and also one of the most frustrating. I'd also have to call it the strangest story that I've done for several reasons, not the least of which being that it’s the only serious "conspiracy theory" that I've ever published. I wouldn't have written it if the facts didn't check out. Which makes the story itself just keep getting stranger. Let's start with the basics. My initial exposure to the Nazi-Bell was the same as most people's -- through Nick Cook's The Hunt for Zero Point. Nick sent me a promo-copy to review before the book was released here in the states. And while I was already familiar with most of the information he had written about, the Bell stood apart as being something that I'd never heard about before even in vague newsgroup rumors. Stories like the Searl Effect Generator or the Podkletnov disk get bandied about online. So it's rare to see a book or TV-show with anything genuinely new, thus making the Bell a rare exception. American Antigravity didn't cover news for the first few months that our site was online. But by the time I read The Hunt for Zero Point, I’d already been doing news on a variety of topics. Despite being intrigued by the Bell story, I didn't want to cover it at the time because it was simply too farfetched to believe. I'd wondered if maybe Nick Cook had fallen victim to a hoax. Despite the excellent description of the device in his book, it just didn't mesh with the technology that I was studying at the time.

There have been a few stories that I've sat on waiting for something to break. But the Nazi-Bell was by far the longest in duration (over 2 years) and nobody had mentioned it other than the occasional reference to Nick Cook's research. I think that the problem was that most of us have heard so many WW-II secret-weapons stories that we don't pay attention to new ones or assume that stories like the Bell are simply the result of imaginative Nazi-UFO conspiracy-theorists.

In September 2004, I got into an email argument with Jack Sarfatti. He's a tough cookie and easy to offend. The argument spiralled out of control and as often happens with Jack, a few of his colleagues wrote to apologize for his tone and demeanor. I'd gone through the same event with him in 2002. So I wasn't completely irate and decided to chat with them a bit to learn more about the people on his mailing list. After all, Jack Sarfatti's been a physicist for a long time. During the 1960s, he used to party with Andy Warhol & Jim Morrison. Remember the scene from The Doors movie where Warhol gives Morrison a phone that he claims can talk to God? That's Jack's idea. So it's accurate to say that he hangs out with an interesting crowd. This was how I connected with John Dering -- the chief-scientist for a defense-contractor called SARA in Cypress, California. Dering's got a Master's Degree in Laser Physics and worked for a while at TRW. So he's been around for long enough to hear some of the more interesting stories. The Nazi-Bell, however, wasn't just one that he'd heard. It was one that he built.


I talked to John almost every day for about 3 months, collecting data the entire time to write a story on the Nazi Bell device. The Bell project that he'd been involved with was related to WWII German research. But the modern replication had been financed by Joe Firmage's ISSO startup for about 1.2 million dollars and wasn't an exact replica of the original device. SARA's version was much smaller, using only about 100 watts. And they had modified the design since they didn't actually know many of the details of the original Bell’s construction. John Dering is the "man who knows too much". As an engineer, most of what he told me rang true. And he had details about not only the physics involved but also most of the engineering challenges that went into building this device. The problem was that whenever I'd ask him where he learned this material, he'd always tell me that it was "common knowledge in the right circles". This might fool the average Joe. But I work with engineers and physicists on a day-to-day basis. And none of them had ever heard of this stuff. The obvious question is how a laser-physicist like John Dering gets interested in anti-gravity in the first place. He told me a story once about his first job that explains it. He had gone to a company to work on mercury-sputtering deposition tool that utilized a flow of mercury-ions from a high-voltage, RF-driven emitter. Dering was called in because of what they’d described as a “device malfunction”. The company indicated that when they shut the device down, the pool of waste-mercury in the bottom of the chamber spontaneously rocketed up to the top of the chamber (4-or-5 pounds worth) and splattered with enough force to destroy the sample being etched. They thought it was an anomaly and after testing the device for pinhole leaks and electrical failures, so did John.  


What changed his mind was being called in to repair this same “anomaly” over 3 months at 3 different companies, leading him to realize that it was a repeatable effect creating an anti-gravity force on the mercury. But one that only occurred under rare conditions when the device’s fields collapsed during shutdown. It was repeatable … but not intentionally. Let’s get back to our tale. I mentioned that this story took 3 months to assemble. This is a long time for me. I can usually pen a well-written article in a few days. So 3 months is a "lifetime". Part of the reason for the delay was the background research to make sure that I wasn’t falling victim to a hoax. And the other part was due to Dering himself. The short version is that I believe John Dering is manic-depressive. On his good days, he writes like a madman and has a wonderful memory for details and an even better knack for expressing them in a convincing manner. On his bad days, it’s not even worth talking to him -- one of the hallmark characteristics of manic depression. However, it was worth the effort because he’s a certifiable genius. Over the course of our conversations, I accrued a collection of over 650 email-messages laying out a map to exploiting this technology for gravity-control.

The basis for the Bell Project is supposedly Einstein's Unified Field Theory. The short version is that Einstein had a nearly complete version of this when he fled Germany in 1933. Supposedly, the 1930s' versions are even more useful for gravity-modification than the later 40s' versions where he approached the issues from a very different perspective. There was a hitch, though. Einstein took the theory with him when he fled. But he had worked closely on it with Walther Gerlach in the 1920s who later became one of Germany's top wartime physicists. It’s important to remember that the Bell project was completely "compartmentalized" (from a security viewpoint). That’s why they placed it at Wenceslas Mine. Remote location, compartmentalized funding, and no outside exposure for the staff working on it. The story remained untold until Igor Witkowski stumbled across it while following on a Polish folk-tale about what was basically a “ghost-mine” that the locals had been afraid of since the War. Igor Witkowski wrote this up in a book called Truth about the Wunderwaffe which is the inspiration for the condensed version that most people have seen in Cook’s Zero Point. I spent $80 for Truth about the Wunderwaffe and it was worth every penny. It contained over 50 pages of details about the Bell project including project funding and oversight documents pertaining to the project that Witkowski dug up from musty War-era archives. Witkowski described the Nazi-Bell as being very similar to a “plasma-focus” -- a design comparable in some ways to high-energy devices used in fusion research. Nick Cook effectively summarized the construction of the Bell which I’ll re-quote from my “Einstein’s Anti-Gravity” article:

The Nazi-Bell device consisted of two counter-rotating cylindrical containers. The containers -- which were positioned one above the other -- measured approximately 1-meter in diameter and were filled with cryogenically cooled and frozen Mercury metal. There was a frozen core of a metallic paste which served as a “high permeability material” for the EMG (electromagnetic-gravitational) field.


Keep in mind that most of our knowledge about the secret-weapons of World War II originates solely from a single source who wrote a book about it in the 1950s from his experiences during the War. He didn’t know about the Bell and thus it was basically lost from public view. Would History have progressed differently if he’d published details on it later? I’m not sure. But it would have been more tempting than most of the other secret-weapons research that we grabbed in Operation Paperclip. Of course, the fact that this story wasn’t known further highlights the mystery behind John Dering’s knowledge of it (which I never did find a good explanation for). Dering's story was that Walther Gerlach had been behind both the Nazi-Bell Project and something called the "Rhine Valley" experiments. These might have been the "foo-fighters" (i.e., small orbs of lights that frequently tracked military aircraft). But the idea John expressed was that they were aspects of the same technology. The Bell was a propulsion system (probably anti-gravity). And the Rhine Valley experiment was a weapons-system based on some deadly side-effects that had been noticed during testing of the Bell. Dering didn't elaborate much on the Rhine Valley experiments except to say that they also incorporate something called "Zenic" or "Zinsser" surface-waves (I can't remember which). These are apparently a very efficient method of transmitting electricity through the ground and involve the calculation of complex resonant frequencies. It sounds like Tesla. But apparently it was a very rigorous mathematical process that let the Germans supposedly blanket the valley with a field that normally wouldn't reach more than 100 feet. These are also the basis for some new engineering projects that John has dreamed up such as building a "hovercraft" that uses Lenz-Levitation at very low power-levels to hover over these surface-waves imparted via RF-transmitters to the ground below.


Anyhow, these projects were financed through different channels and located in areas so remote that even the secret-weapons scientists at Peenemünde didn't know they existed. Only a few managerial types did. One of these was SS General Hans Kammler who apparently had military oversight for the project as well as several other top-secret endeavors. Whatever the Bell actually was at the end of the War, Kammler picked it above all others to take with him into hiding. It's suspected that he may have traded this for asylum in whatever country he landed in. But the fact that he took it was a powerful statement. The Reich had been working on a number of interesting projects including air-breathing Coanda-Effect saucers. Those were burned on the runway to prevent the Allies from taking them. But the Bell was physically removed to Norway via a Junker's transport-plane and then lost to the winds of History.

There were a couple of residual problems to this story that bothered me, the first being the after-story. This Nazi-Bell project begins and ends in World War II with no mention of where Kammler finally ended up. My guess is that it was either the USA or Russia, depending on who offered him the most money and asylum.

Russia's an interesting possibility. They got heavily involved with Torsion research after the War. Most of the best work they did in this area is still classified. Nobody in the West got into this work as heavily. It's easy to speculate that if they had possession of the Nazi-Bell, it would have led them into Torsion research to keep track of it.

The United States is also a possibility. What interested me in this case is the apparent lack of interest by the USA in UFT research after WWII which seemed to literally drop out of site. Maybe we do have the Bell.


The construction (a big rotating torus of Mercury excited by RF-currents) is very similar to Edgar Fouche's 1990's description of something called the "TR-3B" which is supposedly a government UFO being tested in Area-51. It's a wacky story but Fouche did have some interesting notables. The first being his claim that the TR-3B doesn't completely negate gravity. It only reduces it by 89%, relying for actual propulsion on jet-engines mounted outside the field perimeter. It's a tough sell. But it's the closest story that I've seen to the original Bell tale in a recent setting.



The Mysterious TR-3B - Govt UFO

Editor's Note: This reprint of the TR-3B specifications claim is based on information generally credited to Edgar Fouche, who claimed involvement with this project in the 1990's. We make no claims about whether this is factually accurate or not, but this story becomes more interesting as time progresses. What was originally considered to be a "wacky UFO-claim" seems to be the benefactor of a great deal of coincidence as AG research moves forward.

Simply put, the TR-3B's claim to use an MHD torus filled with a "virtual plasma" of high-pressure mercury is strikingly similar to the unrelated claims of Igor Witkoski about the construction of the Nazi Bell device, as well as anecdotal evidence relating to other instances of AG-effects in mercury in the presence of RF-fields. Additionally, a plasma-toroid is the only means of replicating some aspects of Eugene Podkletnov's superconductor experiments on a larger scale than achievable through traditional Type-II ceramic superconductors (plasma's and SC's both absorb magnetic field lines). It should be noted that none of the invidividuals in any of these claims were aware of each other's existence when they published their work, making the similarities quite striking...


The tactical reconnaissance TR-3B's (code-named Astra) first operational flight was in the early 90s. The triangular shaped nuclear powered aerospace platform was developed under the Top Secret, Aurora Program with SDI and black budget monies. At least 3 of the billion dollar plus TR-3Bs were flying by 1994. The Aurora is the most classified aerospace development program in existence. The TR-3B is the most exotic vehicle created by the Aurora Program. It is funded and operationally tasked by the National Reconnaissance Office, the NSA, and the CIA. The TR-3B flying triangle is not fiction and was built with technology available in the mid 80s. Not every UFO spotted is one of theirs.


The TR-3B vehicle’s outer coating is reactive to electrical Radar stimulation and can change reflectiveness, radar absorptiveness,and color. This polymer skin, when used in conjunction with the TR-3Bs Electronic Counter Measures and, ECCM, can make the vehicle look like a small aircraft, or a flying cylinder--or even trick radar receivers into falsely detecting a variety of aircraft, no aircraft, or several aircraft at various locations.A circular, plasma filled accelerator ring called the Magnetic Field Disrupter, surrounds the rotatable crew compartment and is far ahead of any imaginable technology.


Sandia and Livermore laboratories developed the reverse engineered MFD technology. The government will go to any lengths to protect this technology. The plasma, mercury based, is pressurized at 250,000 atmospheres at a temperature of 150 degrees Kelvin and accelerated to 50,000 rpm to create a super-conductive plasma with the resulting gravity disruption. The MFD generates a magnetic vortex field, which disrupts or neutralizes the effects of gravity on mass within proximity, by 89 percent. Do not misunderstand. This is not antigravity. Anti-gravity provides a repulsive force that can be used for propulsion. The MFD creates a disruption of the Earth's gravitational field upon the mass within the circular accelerator. The mass of the circular accelerator and all mass within the accelerator, such as the crew capsule, avionics, MFD systems, fuels, crew environmental systems, and the nuclear reactor, are reduced by 89%.This causes the effect of making the vehicle extremely light and able to outperform and outmaneuver any craft yet constructed--except, of course, those UFOs we did not build.


The TR-3B is a high altitude, stealth, reconnaissance platform with an indefinite loiter time. Once you get it up there at speed, it doesn’t take much propulsion to maintain altitude. At Groom Lake their have been whispered rumours of a new element that acts as a catalyst to the plasma. With the vehicle mass reduced by 89%, the craft can travel at Mach 9, vertically or horizontally. My sources say the performance is limited only by  the stresses that the human pilots can endure. Which is a lot, really, considering along with the 89% reduction in mass, the G forces are also reduced by 89%.


The TR-3Bs propulsion is provided by 3 multimode thrusters mounted at each bottom corner of the triangular platform. The TR-3 is a sub-Mach 9 vehicle until it reaches altitudes above l20,000 feet--then God knows how fast it can go! The 3 multimode rocket engines mounted under each corner of the craft use hydrogen or methane and oxygen as a propellant.In a liquid oxygen/hydrogen rocket system, 85% of the propellant mass is oxygen. The nuclear thermal rocket engine uses a hydrogen propellant, augmented with oxygen for additional thrust. The reactor heats the liquid hydrogen and injects liquid oxygen in the supersonic nozzle, so that the hydrogen burns concurrently in the liquid oxygen afterburner. The multimode propulsion system can; operate in the atmosphere, with thrust provided by the nuclear reactor, in the upper atmosphere, with hydrogen propulsion, and in orbit, with the combined hydrogen oxygen propulsion.


What you have to remember is, that the 3 rocket engines only have to propel 11 percent of the mass of the Top Secret TR-3B. The engines are reportedly built by Rockwell. Many sightings of triangular UFOs are not alien vehicles but the top secret TR-3B. The NSA, NRO, CIA, and USAF have been playing a shell game with aircraft nomenclature - creating the TR-3, modified to the TR-3A, the TR-3B, and the Teir 2, 3, and 4, with suffixes like Plus or Minus added on to confuse further the fact that each of these designators is a different aircraft and not the same aerospace vehicle. A TR-3B is as different from a TR-3A as a banana is from a grape. Some of these vehicles are manned and others are unmanned.

Source: American Antigravity